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How it works?

Meetings can take time but scheduling should not.

With intelliMeetings online meeting platform, complete your scheduling in just three simple steps.

Create a meeting

First, create a meeting for you and your participants.

Send your meeting link

Next, send your link to your fellow participants.

Start video conferencing

Get more work accomplished when you get connected!


With our IntelliMeeting proprietary software, you’ll gain access to a wide range of features that make it easier for your business to keep up with the competition and get more done from anywhere.

Quick and Easy Start

Find the best meeting times for group and team meetings. Just click on ‘join’, and you are there in the meeting already!

Live Meeting Control

Control every aspect of your online meeting in real-time. Find, review and correct your settings without creating any disturbance.

Improved Productivity

Helping modern businesses schedule and manage meetings in a simple and smart manner.

One-Touch Access

Meetings may be longer, but joining them will not be with our one-touch access option.

Work from Anywhere

Make your organization more agile and adaptable in instant.

Group Chat Video Calling

Empower your team to work better, faster with intelliMeeting.


Smart – Simple – Secure

To keep it simple, we have one, flat membership that includes all of the features and functionality that we’ve built for the IntelliMeeting platform. No strings, no frills, no complications.

  • Easy set-up
  • No hidden charges
  • Cancel at any time

A smart integration of tools to render productivity across the teams.

Making video conferencing a seamless experience across the devices.

Get more done with a lean and organized teams through our collaboration tool.

Supported Web Browsers

Web based video conferencing compatible with today’s leading browsers.